"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing"

Sue, 48 years

I find myself in my late 40s yet the fittest that I have been at any time of my life, all of which has been active, and I am enjoying exercise and training more than ever before largely due to Chris and the results that I am seeing.  Every training session is different which keeps it interesting and maintains motivation.


Chris has a great wealth of knowledge and is inspirational in discussing health and fitness to the point where we all have tremendous trust and confidence in him.  He relates well to all his clients whoever they are, whether a woman of my age or a young man.


I cannot recommend Chris highly enough.



Bill, 42 years

Every aspect of the training is a delight. I love:


• The diversity, no session ever repeats itself.

• The evolution of the movements that we perform to constantly  improve strength, flexibility and quality of movement.

• The way the sessions are tailored to suit me

• The dietary advice that comes with the sessions, I am eating       better now that I have done in my entire life.

• The fun!


In the past 6 years...


• I am fitter and stronger than I was in my 20's

• I have gone from a 18.5 stone lump to a 13.5 stone bloke who as well as enjoying Chris's sessions regularly attends Spin, Body Pump, Yoga, Body Balance, Circuits  etc. I would not of had the confidence to do this without his  assistance .

• I have consistently broken PBs in both 10k and half marathons.

• I don't wobble so much when I brush my teeth with my shirt off!

• Apparently I am a nicer person to live with.

• George Bernard Shaw wrote "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." This crystallises what Chris brings to my sessions and the effect he has had on my life.



Paul, 49 years

The whole focus of Chris’s training programme is to enhance strength, flexibility, and motion.


This means that no part of the training is in isolation to what is required in normal daily life, whether reaching for something, moving something, or simply walking or running in a more grounded manner.


In the 6 months since I have been having training sessions with Chris, I have noticed a marked improvement in the strength of my lower back (where I had been experiencing problems since my early 20s) and greater flexibility in my joints, both of which are helpful in my two preferred sports of scuba diving and cycling.


Not only does Chris encourage a healthy body where everything is in balance and working in harmony, he clearly has it interconnected in his mind, too, as he has an excellent way of explaining clearly what he means, what he wants the client to do, and why we are likely to see results from the session.


 On top of all that, he is an easy-going, creative and fun-loving guy and every session is so enjoyable that it is seemingly over when it had just begun.





Sue, 61 years

I decided to have a personal trainer because I'd just retired and having finally got there, I wanted to be fit enough to enjoy it.


I took my time over choosing someone; watching how they inter-acted with clients and how they responded to queries and requests for help.


Watching Chris it was obvious that he loved his job, was highly expert, was super-approachable and nothing was too much trouble.  So I took the plunge and I have never regretted it.


There are three things about Chris that make him stand out.  Firstly he isn't a one-size-fits-all trainer.  He listens very carefully to what I want to achieve, takes note of problems like my dodgy knees and builds a specific programme for me.


Secondly Chris really believes that keeping fit is a partnership.  So he works with me to achieve my goals, monitoring progress and offering constant encouragement.


And finally nothing fazes him. I once asked Chris to help me get ready for driving huskies in Sweden; something that the first time I tried it left me unable to lift my arms above my head.  He came up with a programme and I drove those huskies without any after-effects.


With Chris' help I am now stronger and fitter in my "silver" years than I've ever been so I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.