If  you are considering a fitness programme and would like to know more about the extra help and motivation a personal trainer can give you, I'd love to hear from you.


Call me on 07968 083655 or drop me a line.


I'm Chris Odle. I've been a Personal Trainer for 8 years working in the Brighton & Hove - Peacehaven area.


I believe that everybody can be fitter and everybody is better fitter.


Why should you exercise?

You only have one life and one body, to get the most out of life, your body should be the best it can be.


Exercise will make you feel stronger physically and mentally.  I know it makes a difference because I see the changes in the people I train.  Not just body,  but an increased confidence and a different mind-set.


Why should you exercise with me?

Getting fit is a partnership and I will work with you. I won't give you an off-the-shelf exercise regime, I will give you an individually designed programme to meet your goals and suit your ability and lifestyle.


My commitment to you is that I will...

• be professional at all times use all my experience and knowledge for your benefit

• be honest

• care about you as a person and respect your body

• be supportive and enthusiastic


And I will never ask you to do something I haven't done myself and that I believe you aren't capable of doing.



"I find myself in my late 40s yet the fittest that I have been at any time of my life"

Sue, 48

"I have gone from an 18.5 stone lump to a 13.5 stone bloke"

Bill, 42

"I look sexier and I have more energy"

Holly, 24